Testimonials for Jonathan Verney

"Jonathan brings a rare mixture of creative storytelling skills and business savvy to every project he works on. He truly knows how to drill down to the heart of the issue. Would I work with him again? In a heartbeat." 

- Patricia Lovett-Reid, Senior Financial Commentator, CTV, Host of The Pattie Lovett-Reid Show, CTV


"Jonathan helped us brainstorm the concepts surrounding the launch of our company and fine tuning our value proposition. He also helped sharpen the focus of our website and other marketing & promotional material. We found Jonathan capable of grasping our business proposition VERY quickly and providing us with truly valuable marketing insights. I would highly recommend Jonathan to any firm or company which is re-evaluating their marketing presence: he uniquely marries the “left brain / right brain” - balancing creativity with a solid understanding of business. Many thanks for your help, Jonathan."

- W. Ross Campbell, Managing Partner, The MBO Group Inc 


"The many articles, forecasts and in‐depth reports that Jonathan has written and developed for us over the past several years have been instrumental in helping our company grow its assets under management and grow as a business overall.”

- Nick Barisheff, CEO, Bullion Management Group


"Jonathan's creativity and project management skills were instrumental in creating a global corporate identity for Amrop International, a global executive search organization."

- C. Douglas Caldwell, CEO, The Caldwell Partners


Liverpool born and Toronto raised, I'm a big fan of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial mindset. I'm also a sports fan, which in this city (Toronto) makes me somewhat of a true believer -- and a true masochist. The eternal question isn't: What's the meaning of life? It's: Will we ever have a winning team in any sport ever again? 


I'm a business ghost writer, which means I write articles and books and memoirs for organizations, corporations, entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs and business professionals. My job is to strategically collaborate with my clients to shape and memorably tell their business story in a variety of media order to increase their visibility and build their personal and corporate brand. 

An excellent article on corporate storytelling can be found by clicking on this link http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222480 on the entrepreneur.com website.

The Corporate Storyteller Inc. 

The Corporate Storyteller Inc. is devoted to helping clients increase their visibility in the marketplace by creating and promoting original content. 

Why content? 

Today's customers and prospects are inundated with marketing messages, making it increasingly difficult for companies to get their message heard. Yet be heard they must. Studies show that both B2B and B2C audiences respond best to stories, long and short. Original content that is focused, researched and well told provides exceptional value. Content marketing overcomes reader cynicism and resistance by offering emotional connection, actionable information and deep perspective. 

Even the driest of business subjects (asset-backed securitization) can come to life in the hands of a master storyteller. Example: Michael Lewis' The Big Short. 

The Big Short

Front Cover