Abstractions Don't Bring in Million$ a Year. Stories Do. 


The reality is, we are inundated with facts. When charities seek funds, they don't talk about the millions of starving children in Laos or Malawi. They focus on one child, or one situation, and tell a story about that child or situation. In the video clip, "What's your story?" (click the link) University of Chicago Professor Craig Wortmann explains why story has the power to persuade when facts alone don't. He says stories do something that facts don't. They:

  • provide context
  • connect to emotion

Wortmann's video "story" is only 4 minutes long, so the 'inundation' factor is minimal.

What's your story?

What's your story? If you're frustrated at your inability to change people's minds, perhaps you need to change the way you're telling it. Or perhaps you just need a little help. Does your product or service demand a short story or a long one? An experienced corporate writer knows how to do both. He or she is trained to listen well, observe well, and find fresh new ways to translate client thoughts and strategies and directives into quickly readable and highly compelling stories.

services I offer:

1. Strategic consulting

  • value propositions
  • positioning
  • communications review
  • storytelling analysis

2. Long-form/ strategic writing

  • in-depth research
  • editorial and financial commentaries
  • ghostwriting (+ editing) business books and memoirs
  • policies and procedures, management directives, speeches and white papers
  • long-post blogging

3. Short-form writing:

  • value propositions
  • headlines
  • slogans
  • short form copywriting
  • new product introductions
  • editing
  • proofreading
  • short-post blogging

4. Video scripting & editing