The Science of (business) ghostwriting

[There are 5 elements]

While there is no "hard" science behind the storytelling process, there is plenty of hard logic behind it. In my view, great storytelling (including business stories) incorporates five simple (but not easy) principles. Without them, a story loses its power to engage.

1. Always tell the truth

2. Every story is an experience

3. Every story has a hero

4. Every hero has a goal

5. Every hero must face at least one major obstacle

Why these Five?

Why truth? Because in an age of hype, spin and 'photoshoppery', authenticity is increasingly rare. 

Why experience? Because the audience must connect to the story in some way.

Why a hero? Because someone (or some thing) must drive the story.

Why a goal? Because the audience must feel something has been accomplished or changed.

Why obstacles? Because nothing worthwhile - in business or life - comes without a struggle.